CD burned in XP won't read on DOS PC

I have a old PC that runs a small machine. The drive program runs in DOS but the PC also has Windows 3.1 on it. Everything runs fine and there is no need to upgrade the PC to something more modern. It is a very simple machine that reads one line of code at a time.

My only problem is that I can't seem to get the CD drive to read disks that were created on my Windows XP desktop computer. There is no USB port on this old PC and while I could add one I don't think DOS/Windows 3.1 would support it anyway.

Am I beating a dead horse here trying to get an XP written CD (Nero Espress 6)to be read by the CD drive on this old PC or is there a way to set things up so it will work.

The drive works older pre-recorded program CDs and Windows 98 burned CDs just fine.

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  1. I do not how to fix this but you can work around it. You need to set up a dual system with win xp and 98 and reburn cd. That should work.
    Another think is that your discs are not CDs but happens
  2. It's hard to say if the problem is the drive or the filesystem used when burning the CD. Upgrading the old machine with a more modern ATAPI CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive is unbelievably cheap. Lots of enthusiasts and techs have old drives just lying about that are hardly worth the effort to try and sell them. That will solve any potential hardware problems. If it's a filesystem issue, you'll have to do some research about precisely what is supported by MSCDEX and set the options in Nero accordingly.
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