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  1. Considering that the US side of Newegg won't ship to Canada, it may not matter. Unless you have a way to get it over the border.

    I have no idea of the prices are similar without the currency exchange. I did notice that the Canada side had almost no combo deals, which you are likely to be able to us at least one with the build, if not more.

    I wouldn't ask it in this thread, because people would have to dig through it to find it. Also, only the people who have been responding are likily to read it.

    It's open for airflow. It's actually pretty good for airflow. Cheaper cases will leave off the intake fans in the front and just have the front covered in similar metal mesh allowing the air to be drawn in.
  2. I've always gotten the best deals off of Ebay. When i was in the market for a GPU, a found a listing on ebay, and I got a 4870 1gb and a 4870 512mb for 190$, with 10$ shipping. I was able to sell of the 4870 512mb for $107 after shipping fees and Ebay commision, and the end resulet was a 4870 1gb for 93$, which i feel like is a good deal. The best way to avoid Ebay shipping overcharging is to decide what you want to pay, and to bid that minus the shipping fee.Also, i might be tempted to bid on this, is it a good deal?

  3. builderbobftw said:
    Also, i might be tempted to bid on this, is it a good deal?

    I don't know if it's a good deal or not, but the fact that the seller needs to specify that the house is bug-free concerns me. :P
  4. Meh, I'm not going to bid cuase he alredy sold one just like it, and he says "AS IS" wich is always a bad sign. I think it may be a scam, and i don't want to deal with the hassle of filing a paypall claim.
  5. Just noticed at the bottom of Newegg.ca there is a Paypal icon, that's probably a good indication they accept it. Didn't see it on Newegg.com though.

    So my options are Newegg, Ebay, NCIX, and DirectCanada? Which one of these would you suggest first? I'm guessing NCIX and DirectCanada are last, but I should still compare their prices with the others?

    I might be able to get items from Newegg.com shipped somewhere in Seattle close to the border, and have them picked up, but I don't know if I can buy from them if they don't accept Paypal. Might that be worth it trying, or looking into?
  6. Ebay has bad deals on the 58xx seris of GPUs, as they are new and in demand, and ebay is a auction site. You should be able to get a good deal on a Mobo and a Cpu and a PSU on ebay. There are some great deals on psus on ebay if you look hard. I saw somebody sell an new TPQ-1000 antec psu for 125$, shipped.
  7. Is there some way to keep track of my threads other than searching through all the topics? I've not seen a way to find threads I've posted in, or created, without looking at the thread lists. There seems to be a way to favorite threads but I don't see how to do that.

    Do threads get purged very often? I don't know if I should bump this one periodically until I am at the time I'll be buying the parts.
  8. They should appear under the button "My Threads" at the front of the forum.
  9. Ok, so I will have $1500 (before tax/shipping, so don't worry about that extra cost) to spend on this PC. I will also need a Wireless Network Card for my PC, and a router, I made a topic for this purpose here:


    The cost of the card going into the PC to pick up the internet signal will be added to the cost of the build. The cost of the router will not be added to the cost of the build.
  10. bump
  11. Is there a certain time it would be best to bump?
  12. Still don't know how long I should wait between bumps.
  13. I think you're more likely to get more interest if you post a new thread restating/updating your info. I suspect most people don't want to read through 3 pages of stuff to figure out what's going on and then provide a recommendation.

    Create a new thread in the "how to ask for new build advice" format, with the updated info and anything else you're thinking of. Most threads on this forum don't get to 2 pages, much less 3, and this one is not likely to attract new comments.
  14. So far I'm not getting any help in my new topic. In case this helps I'll put a link to the two topics I'm seeking help in:

    $1500 Canadian Gaming computer.

    Need a Wireless Network Card and Router for Gaming, for my new PC.

    If anyone decides they want to help me in this topic instead of those ones let me know.
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