How to connect a Logisys 12V 4-Channel Remote Control

hi im getting alot of trouble if finding out how to connect a logisys 12V 4-Channel Remote Control to my psu im trying to use it to control my cold cathodes and fans in my pc can any1 help me pls
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  1. I do not recall any threads or about using the remote control in this section of the forum.

    Do you have an owners manual?
  2. yes i have the manual but all is says is what wire is on the device i researched the internet and no one knows how to connect this to a psu i saw someone on youtube with it but he has not respond to my message
  3. here's the easiest place to get 12 volts, I'd use an old molex adapter so i didn't' have to cut my psu harness
  4. thanks i tried it but no success
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