Invest or Wait? (350W PSU Looking for GPU Upgradez)

Greetings Again
After looking around second guessing purchasing cards. Upgrading from 7600GS 256mb. Still chugging along just great (BF:BC2 Beta Playable, ME1 (Even though it says its below minimum) runs great, WiC Medium/High 1280x1024 no AA/AF 30-60fps and more all running great so far.
I can sell this card to someone I know though Family for around 50 dollars and I'm willing to spend another 50 give or take extra 10 more for taxes.
My current System, in my Profile is connected to a 350W Macron MPT-350. 20A on 12V. Supposedly 75% Efficient

Nvidia Options:
EVGA GT220 512mb DDR2 (57.99) (300W Minimum 18A on 12V) Seems like a soild performer for the price and power consumption. From YouTube videos of gameplay with it it seems worth the bargain.

Zotac GT240 1GB DDR3 (99.99) (300W Minimum 18A on 12V) Seems like a soild performer for the price and power consumption. Got great reviews on everything but the price, for a 35W PSU seems like a great choice too.

Paliat 9800GT GDDR3 512mb Green Edition (No PCI-E Power Adapter Required) (94.99)
I know this card is good, know a few people with a 9800GT and love em. Although this is the Green edition so performance may be hindered?

Advantages: No Driver Change
Dis: Cant take advantage of second PCI-E Port.

Sapphire HD5670 512mb GDDR5 (89.99)
Reviews are solid, preforming close to a 9800GT in some games. Preforms great in most.

Advantages: Crossfire say a HD5670 or a HD5770 whe I get the money for that and a new PSU.
Dis: Driver Swap

Wait Until I get money for the HD5770 or what Nivida offers in the 300 series in the same price range and a Larger PSU 550W to 700 I want to get.
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  1. I would say wait...
    With a higher card u will survive more longer. Don't cheap out on PSU, it's very important for your system, get a higher one like corsair, antec, ocz, seasonic, silverstone with 500W minimum or 750W if u want to SLI or CF later... :)
  2. My basic rule:
    For a computer with integrated graphics:
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)

    For a computer with one graphics card:
    Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)

    For a computer with two graphics cards:
    Corsair 750TX (60 amp 12 volt rail)
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