SAPPHIR HD4870 VAPOR X with Coolermaser 460

The graphics card will be delivered soon. I just discovered now that it requires 500watts PSU. I have coolermaster 460 watt PSU.

I know the figures dont match but has anyone had experience with this kind or similar set up?

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  1. It probably wouldn't be a good idea. With some high-quality PSUs this would be ok--but the Coolermaster is probably not capable of handling it.

    If you want to post the specs we can look at them--but you would be better off getting a new one.

    This is probably the cheapest replacement PSU that would be reliable:
  2. Specs:
    ASUS P5QL Pro
    Coolermaster Elite 330
    Pentium Dual core E6300 2.8ghz
    4gb OCZ Platinum
    2x 500 gb WD blue caviar
    Freezer 7 pro HSF
    HD 4350 - installed GPU

    I just built this system 3 weeks ago.

    I got this HD 4870 Vapor X on a very good deal, that's why I went for it.

    I never thought it would require so much power that my PSU would still not be enough. It already had 1 PCIE cable so I thought it would be able to cope with it but then I read the GPU requires 2 of PCIE power supply.

    what are the risks of installing it?

    Thanks for the reply, deadlockedworld.
  3. Coolermaster PSU are time bombs!!

    Don't use your PSU with 4870 or you might end up frying something.
    Regarding the 500W requirement , Even a Corsair 400CX which is 400W will handle the card.But it is a quality unit.
    Something that lacks in CM 460.

    Buy this and be happy:

  4. I meant the specs on the power supply, but shubbam is right. The most important thing in power supplies is reliability. Coolermaster does not have a good reputation for reliability, AND this unit most likely has low amperage on the 12v rail. The 4870 is one of the more power hungry graphics cards and unlike some others really needs a good power supply.

    If your power supply fails it has potential to take your motherboard and etc with it.

    If you have an option to return the power supply that would be best. The options we suggested are good deals, but most 450-550w power supplys from quality brands like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or OCZ would be excellent options.
  5. THe PSU came with the case as a package. I went for it as it has a decent review from :

    I'll see if I can sell this in ebay and get what you recommend. Honestly, I did not build this system to be as complicated as this. This is just supposed to be for heavy photo editing. But I'm getting into modifying this and that... LOL

    Thanks very much for the replies.
  6. That review says it failed to deliver 460w whereas most quality units can deliver their rated power.

    Anyways some more units to choose from:
    OCZ 500W:

    OCZ 600W
  7. No problem.

    Both the OCZs that we suggested would be good options, as would the corsair 450w
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