So I work in a company that for obvious reasons has a firewall on the lan network and I can't view all of the internet. I have no problem with that, but i usually bring my own laptop with me, because I'm just used to working on it.

What I want to ask is there a way for me to set up a proxy server at home or a VPN so that i connect through the internet in the office to my home computer and then from there access the "unfiltered" internet.
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  1. circumventing network safety could possibly get you fired. Being a network admin I frown upon this, and therefor block these connections from normal users. I would assume that your IT department has this setup for the same reasons.
    Not to mention, looking at some "unfiltered" content in certain places is ILLEGAL!
  2. Look I don't wan't to use it to download torrents and look at porn sites or anything like that, it's just that the IT department has filtered everything and my work would go a lot faster so I took it upon myself, using MY laptop to get this done. It can't get me fired since I'm using, I repeat MY own laptop, and they can't forbid me from using it. So I would appreciate some useful comments on how this can be done.

    P.S. by the way what does it matter for what do I need it. If it makes you feel better imagine it's a hypothetical question.
  3. Using your own laptop might be fine with them. There is still the possibility you can spread a virus, doesn't matter what comp your on. All I am saying is that filtering rules are put in place for a reason, mainly that your at work.
    Now if you need to get to a website to do your job then talk to the IT department and see if they will open the site up. Every network is different. Any good IT Admin is going to block outside RDP, outside proxies, ftp, etc... except for those few people that have to have it.

    Talk to your IT department. That is all the help I will tell you.
  4. Indar said:
    It can't get me fired since I'm using, I repeat MY own laptop, and they can't forbid me from using it.

    They can do both actually. They can fire you for circumventing their security and increasing the risk to their property without proper authorization from them. They can also forbid you from using your personal laptop on their network. They could easily prevent you from accessing their network with your laptop if they desire. As sturm said talk to the IT department and request that they allow access to the site or an alternative method if they can not or will not. I would strongly recommend against taking it upon yourself to do this without authorization. I say this because I have worked in places where what your propose could not only get you fired but land you in jail for a long time.
  5. your best bet is to make a formal request to let you have more access to do your job.

    bring some good examples to the table and let them know the're overly restrictive and it's affecting your work.

    My job is mostly unfiltered. Haven't been seen a blocked website yet, but I'm careful not to hit any "bad" ones.
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