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Hi everyone,

I just bought and installed a Radeon 5870, and as soon as I did I got no POST. I returned it and installed a new one - same thing. I upgraged the psu to a 1200W, and that didn't help. I'd like to tell you exactly what mobo and cpu I'm using, but the (insert expletive here) people at frys are holding my computer hostage. I believe the mobo is an ASUS (about 3 years old) and an Intel Dual Core 2.66Ghz processor.

If I put in an older gpu everything works fine. Any thoughts? I'm stumped.
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  1. Does the 5870 have the two 6 pin power connectors?
  2. Yes, and both were plugged in. The card appears to have enough power because when both 6-pins are connected the fan runs, but if only one is connected the computer beeps angrily.
  3. sounds like a DOA
  4. That's what I thought at first, too. But after returning the first 5870 and installing the new one (I'm 100% certain I'm installing it correctly) with the same no POST phenotype . . . It seems unlikely that lightning would strike the same girl twice.

    I'm beginning to suspect that if my mobo isn't underpar, it's precariously close. Sigh . . .
  5. then try your card on different computer(make sure it has an enough power).
    Id the result is the same then it probably your mobo...
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