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Are Digital Storm's Sub Zero temperature claims true?


They say they get sub zero temps with 3x 480mm radiator but even then I am doubtful. If it is true how can I set up a system like this?
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  1. Its true, check out 4Ryan6's thread for a method of how you can attempt sub ambient cooling, sub-zero is harder still to balance but very possible
    but beware, this is a very expensive and time-consuming venture, are you sure you want to take the red pill?
  2. Oh wow thanks, completely missed the sticky. How does it work simply though? Just a regular liquid cooling loop but with a bigger radiator?
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    The D.s. system uses a peltier, or thermo-electric plates, to heat up one side of a plate which cools the other side, the hotter the hotside gets, the colder the cool side gets,
    you have to manage the heat created by the hotside to allow the cold side to do its thing, and in this case it looks like they are using the four rads to do so,
    If you set up a regular loop like that you would get a low delta, but not sub-zero, its the Tec that is making the difference there
  4. Heres a link for explaining how they work,
  5. Wow has this sparked my interest! Moto thanks again for supplying great info. After reading the above link i did a littel more info and found this link.

    At some point i think i'd like to try this for a custom wc loop. After much research.
  6. 4ryan6's thread about sub-ambient would be where you'd want to go for TEC- that's what he is using for his sub-ambient temps, but you could go as simple as adding ice to a large reservoir to drop temps.
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