Screen crashes and turns grey in games.

While playing a games with my new system the screen freezes, turns grey, loses input signal, then comes back on(while playing in window mode it says that the drivers stopped responding and has recovered). I believe it is the graphics card because it does not do this with the on-board graphics card but xfx says it could be the memory or the ram voltages could be off(they are set to auto).
I have disabled the on-board graphics when using the card.
What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

msi 790gx-g65
ati radeon 5850
phenom 2 x4 965 black
windows 7 64-bit
ultra x4 750 watt psu

I have all of the latest drivers and BIOS.
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  1. Sounds like an explorer issue. I just switched to the newer beta explorer 9.0, and have fewer issues like the gray screens. I believe some of it is due to background spam or attempted pop-ups, but I may be wrong. I have these issues while online ocasssionally, and I don't game at all. In fact, I use the Tom's uk site as it has fewer problems. The usa site does this all the time while in the forums. Too bad they can't fix it. I never had this problem with older versions of explorer.
  2. I have this problem. It started around 3 months ago and seemed to vanish after driver update, but once i updated to 10.9 cats i get this in every single game i try to play not more than 30 seconds in as well as in 3dmark06. I tried a ton of drivers and still the same thing. I did prime tests and those were okay.. I haven't done memtest86, but prime95 tests ram and that was okay. Just the other day I RMA'd my card, but you sound like you are having the same exact problems i've had.
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