22" LCD with 1080p

I'm currently using a 22" Acer Lcd purchased 2 years ago from office depot thru some deal for an exceptional (at the time down right amazing) $120

The resolution is 1680 x 1050 and I'm happy with the 22" size, but I think I'd be happier with a higher resolution, and probably anything I get will be more vivid than this monitor, I don't notice it while im using it, but whenever I see anyone elses monitor, theirs is clearly more vibrant than mine.

Any suggestions? Do I really want 1080p? Will it make a difference?

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  1. Yes it will be better, go for a Samsung, Acer are really low end but works. But the real question is the DPI, 1080p@22 or 21.5 inch is much higher, everything will look much smaller, I say go see one in a store and see if your eyes are comfortable with. Also if your gaming, at 1080p you will need a much stronger video card. If you like how it looks in the store its your choice. Yes colors will look better, if you really want good colors this is the monitor to get : SyncMaster F2380 cPVA 299$
  2. Yep I agree with elie3000, it will really make a difference and I would suggest either a Samsung or Lg.
  3. Yup, LG and SAMSUNG are good brands, u might want to consider aneesh's monitor... :)
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