Need suggestions for $650 gaming PC

Im plannin on buying d hardware within d next 2-3 weeks. Wil be using it primarily for gaming. I wanted some advice about parts. Im a bit of an AMD fanboy, but i dont mind buying nvidia hardware (no intel). I hav allocated around $275-$300 (INR 12k-13.5k) for d processor, mobo n gfx card. The thing is i live in india and d prices here are a bit on the higher side. Stuff tht u can get over ther for say $100 will probably be available here for 110-120. So pls consider this price difference (its not necessarily 10-20% more expensive... im jus tryin to make a point) wen u suggest parts. Also, availability is another issue. So pls suggest sth from the lists below.

I dont plan on overclocking. The monitor i hav picked out is a dell 18.5". resolution is 1680x1050. wil be playin a wide range of games. and i dont plan on upgrading again in a long time. so longevity is a bit important. Hope im being detailed enough.

this is wat i hav in mind.
proc: athlon II x3 435 2.9ghz - ~$90 (INR 4k)
gfx: nvidia 9600gt - ~$120 (INR 5.5k)
mobo: cheapest possible AM3 mobo $65-90 (INR 3k - 3.5k), or how much ever is left.

1) should i get the cheapest possible mobo n put d extra cash into d gfx n get a better card like d ati 4850 (available for $150)? or shud i get a better processor instead? sth lik d athlon ii 630 (available for $120-130, not so sure if it'll be actually available)? will the ati 4850 be bottlenecked by the athlon ii 435?

2) wil d x4 630 actually make much of a difference compared to the x3 435?

3) im getting 1x2gb of ddr3. ddr3 is soo bloody expensive here. might another 2gb stick in future. anyway, these r my choices. i dont know abt d availability of corsair n other brands. but do suggest sth not on the list below if its worth it. my budget is $56 (INR 2600) :) but i think i can stretch it by another $4 to get tht faster patriot ram.

Patriot Signature 2GB DDR3 1333MHz PSD32G13332 Desktop Memory - $56 (INR 2600)
Patriot Signature 2GB DDR3 1600MHz PSD32G16002 Desktop Memory - $60 (INR 2700, not sure abt availability)
GSKILL 2GB DDR3 1333MHz F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT Desktop Memory - $63 (INR 2900)

4) power supply,
Cooler Master eXtreme V2.3 460W RS-460-PCARA3 - $60 (INR 2700)
Seasonic 380W S12II-380Bronze (SS-380GB) - $65 (INR 3000)

5) The processor n gfx cards tht i hav selected are not tht power hungry. So can i cheap out on the power supply n invest some more on the gfx card/cpu? if yes, wat would u recommend? brands tht r available here are Coolermaster, gigabyte, tagan, seasonic, FSP, zebronics.

6) im not seriously considering this, but i jus hav to ask this. if i go for an am2+ system wit 2gb ddr2 instead, ill be savin around $35 (INR 1600) which i wud gladly invest in d proc/gfx. But wil it be worth it? i would really like to get d ati 4850 wit d extra cash.

sorry for askin so many qns, but i jus had to ask them..... thnx...
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  1. I think if your focus is gaming, I would suggest you save on the RAM and devote more to the GPU... how much does a GTX 260 cost there?

    Or actually, I think it would make more sense to build your funds even more. You definitely shouldn't scrimp on the psu, gpu, and mobo.
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    have a look at the benchmarks in the article about the X2 555 .
    if you uses a mb with 790/750 or 770/710 chipsets theres a good chance a simple BIOS change will turn it in to a quad core

    might as well stick with am3 , but you do NOT need 1600MHz memory . Low [ cl7] 1333 MHz is faster anyway

    A 4850 will work well for screens up to 1680 x 1050 and if the price is right its still a good choice .
  3. the gtx 260 is waaay out of my budget. can get 2x9600gt's for d price :) and, this build is actually for a frnd. the budget.., its kinda fixed.. not very flexible. and i think ill be getting the x3 435 (440, if its available). I read d x2 555 review (again :)) but.., i think ill get this instead. dont want to leav anythin to chance (the core unlockin).. hasnt worked out too well for me in d past :)

    does anybody hav any opinions regarding d mobo?
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