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Overheating Pentium D

Hi all, Little overheating problem

I have a Pentium D 945 CPU and currently it is running at 47C degrees which is well within its acceptable temperature range
but it will suddenly and instantly jump to 60 C + whenever i use a program that uses a lot of resources. this tempertature is above its normal range and does go as high as 65C
I have reseated/pasted the CPU and cleaned dust out of all components and it has seemed to have little affect.
Short of buying a new CPU (which i am considering), any thoughts on cooling it down?

The overheating is also slowing down the computer, i cannot even play a web game like runescape properly at the moment.
(all temperatures checked with everest, Real Temp doesnt support my CPU)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. The Pentium D's Run hot you are well within specs 68C is what Intel says for full load so you are fine your slow downs are not being caused by overheating it must be something else like malware program or something else stealing your resources. You will not see effects from throttling til it gets in the 80's
  2. D's are hot puppies as SAAIELLO says, especially when using the stock Intel heatsink, they go in throttle mode.

    I have a later model D cooled by a Arctic Freezer Pro and the cheapo case has 1 intake and exhaust 120mm fans and idles less than 25c and never tops 50c under 100% load.
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    I had a Pentium D 940 was on a stock cooler and would Idle like 45C and would hit 65C at full load. Then I put a cheap OCZ vendetta cooler and brought the temps down to 58 full load with an 500mhz overclock. Before I had gotten the aftermarket cooler I overclocked it a little and it would get to 74C and didnt even throttle down until it hit 80C.
  4. Hm. i must have been looking at the wrong page for its temperature threshold then.
    Although the above is sounding good. i gave my pc an even more thorough clean and the temps have dropped a bit and the performance has increased a fair bit?
  5. Also my computer is scanned Nightly by Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite and Malware Bytes and they have not detected any problems.
  6. just to give an end to this post.
    The pentium d 945 ended up crashing entirely and has a physical burn mark on the bottom side around the edge in a circle X D

    Have since bought a quad core q9400 and my pc is working perfectly. thanks for the input
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