Failed SATA-HD to SSD Clone

Tried to clone a W-D SATA 1 TB hard drive installed with Windows 7 Pro onto new Corsaire 240GB SSD using a program called Macrium Reflect. File transfer finished completely without errors. I then unplugged the SATA drive and booted the PC to the BIOS to check boot order and recognition of the new SSD. Everything is showing fine. F-10 to continue start up. Windows 7 begins to load till it gets to just before the "Welcome" screen. It stops and it displays - "Preparing your Desktop" (searching in background) eventually a plain blue Windows background screen shows in the LRHC "Windows 7, Build 7601, This copy of Windows is not genuine". No other options shown at this point.
The Windows 7 OS is genuine and I have the disk.

All recommendations and comments greatly appreciated. Thanks, Skoot61
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  1. Maybe try re-validating it? Rick click on Computer and click properties. Scroll to the bottom and see if there is any info there or if it wants you to re-enter the key.
  2. Thanks for the reply and suggestion... I downloaded another clone program ( Acronis True Image) and that program cloned the drive without any flaws and is operational. Skoot61
  3. I've had this problem as well. Unfortunately, I managed to wipe the former HDD clean upon reboot, thinking it was no longer necessary since I instructed the BIOS to boot from the SSD. However, now I get this problem, and I have no backup to go off of. I'm currently on my old-old OS backup on a third hard drive, and I don't know if using acronis (used Macrium Reflect the first time) to copy the data to-and-from the now empty HDD will make the SSD work in windows now.

    It doesn't help that my copy of windows 7 is upgrade-only, and my mobo has three sticks of 4gb ram so I can't use my old vista install to upgrade to 7 either on a clean install (vista apparently won't install on a pc with 4gb of memory or more).

    Any suggestions?
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