Antec1200 vs CoolerMaster haf 932 vs LIAN LI PC-A70F

Hi guys,

i'm debating between these 3 cases right now and was hoping someone could provide me with some guidance on which one might be better.

I've done some reserarch and apparently Cooler Master haf 932 is more favored over Antec 1200... people say haf is quieter, designed with future upgrades in mind (for example water cooling, which i wont do though), reverse hd slots for easy insert/remove... etc etc... amazing cooling and airflow...

but now i'm looking into LIAN LI PC-A70F.

the down side to haf 932 is that it does have plastic parts-though mostly steel, while the lian is all aluminum.

Antec 1200 - $159.99 + $18.99 for shipping

Cooler Master Haf 932 -$139.99 pick up from microcenter no shipping

Lian Li PC-A70F $179.99 + $24.15 for shipping

what do you guys think? so far i'm leaning towards cooler master haf 932 simply because i hear tons of great reviews and it is the cheapest of them all.
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  1. I suggest that you go with HAF if you like aggressive styling. A friend of mine has that case which he dearly loves tells me how low temps are on his components. I have checked that case during the computer building process, and I can tell you that the plastic that you mention is hardly noticeable. It is very solid and durable plastic. It is almost feels like aluminum.

    I am not a particular fan of antec 1200 case because it has a lengthwise mounted harddrive cage, so you may have some trouble with hugely powerful GPUs. Lian Li is a great case, but it misses the side window if that matters to you lol.
  2. yeah i'm getting the haf 932 case for sure... for all the reasons you stated above. but also just because it's a lot cheaper too :D

    one concern i have is that it has no filters for the fans whatsoever... not the 120mm ones. not the big ones on top or on the side either... wouldn't that blow in a boat load of dust right onto the cpu and motherboard and ruin the system?
  3. "the down side to haf 932 is that it does have plastic parts-though mostly steel, while the lian is all aluminum."

    That is not a down side. The idea that an aluminum case is somehow better is a myth. It is the ventilation, airflow, cooling, configration, layout, and cable management that counts.

    I have the Coolermaster HAF 932. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are among the best.

    I also have a Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord case. When properly configured the ventilation, airflow, and cooling are equal to the HAF 932.

    I am not a big fan of grills, perforated mesh, screens, and filters because they all restrict airflow which in turn affects cooling.Depending on the configuration the airflow can be restricted as much as 80%. It is very easy to inspect and clean pc's on a regularly scheduled basis. A can of compressed air can be used to blow out any accumulated dust. Among enthusiats periodic maintenance is a ritual that reflects pride of ownership.
  4. I have an Antec 900, and I have seen the 1200, I honestly wouldn't go with the 1200. It is pretty awesome, but it has been bested by a lot of other cases. You can't go wrong with Lian Li. So for me it would be more between the Haf and the Lian Li. I would probably pick the Haf 932, paint the inside black. Honestly fan filters are not a must. They are helpful, but blowing out a computer isn't a big deal. Dust doesn't really ruin a system, unless you let it get so bad it starts effecting heat transfer. Also, cigarette smoke and dust can be a nasty combo, seen it make some thick layers of stuff inside computers.

    Basically just don't leave your computer sealed up for a couple years, open it up and clean it.
  5. I personally like the antec 1200 case. One reason is because of the fans infront that keeps the hard drives cool. Most of the other cases don't have that and the hard drives are sometimes forgotten computer components that need cooling.

    All the fans have individual controllers at when they are at the lowest, the case is very quiet. Another plus.

    Another personal plus for me is that the interior is black. I like black....

    Also, they have filters. I saw one in a house that had alot of cats and trust me, it comes in handy. Not necessary, but handy.
  6. hehe thanks for all the reviews guys! i got the cooler master haf high airflow full tower today; picked it up from microcenter for 135 bucks.

    this is the first time i've ever laid eyes on a full tower. compare to my old computer's case. this thing is GIAAAAANT. i can have about 10-12 internal hds in there if i utilize a drive cage lol
  7. I have worked with all 3 cases and I believe the HAF has the best air flow out of the 3. Quality wise, LL A70F is the best hands down.

    Personally, I would go with the Lian Li. It's a damn sexy case...
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