Correct way to cool HWLabs GTX Radiators

I am wondering the correct fan "flow" direction for HWLabs GTX radiators. The radiators are Dual pass with the first pass flowing through the barb side of the radiator and the second pass flowing through the non barb side(this can be reversed if you wish).

I have read numerous conflicting posts on review sites and forums and am looking for sound definitive advise if possibe.

In the above scenario (barb side=first path or "hot"side) would you want to place the fans on the non barb side and have them push through the radiator and on the hot side pulling? or vice versa?
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  1. Radiators should be able to flow either way, can you provide a link and more information? There really isn't 'hot' water in a watercooling loop, but I get you mean the intake and the output side.
  2. don't want to break any rules if the links are not permitted please remove them. Here are two links and a picture

    The GTX flows front to back instead of side to side like most other. There is a hot side and a cold side flow configuration at work, placing your fans becomes a bit more important. Some planning on your build is necessary here, depending on if you want the barb side to be the first or second pass. Using the right port as inlet and left outlet, the barb side is the first pass or hotside and the back is the second pass/cold side. Left outlet and right inlet makes the barb side the second pass cold side.

    The above quote from skinnee must contain a mistake as he lists the Left as outlet being both coldd and hot.

    I would like to know the correct fan orientation to use with these radiators to get the maximum performance out of them.
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    It looks like your warm side would be where you'd want the fans to be, either push or pull or however you want the majority of your airflow to hit.

    In all honesty, either way would still result in the same airflow hitting the radiator space similarly to a normal dual-pass radiator, it's just the order and path the flow takes in one vs. the other. It would look like to optimize your cooling, you might wish to install your fans on the same side as the I/O ports.
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  5. well- Assuming you blowing in to the case with most of the fans we will get resistance and less airflow.for example my case has more intake air then out flow inorder to keep static pressure, so air is always flowing out the cracks - This is to reduce dust which is an issue in my area. - that or i am just one dirty dirty man -lol-
  6. This really doesn't have an impact on the radiator fans unless you are using them as intake or exhaust or otherwise have them mounted internally where airflow could be an issue...but still would have fans blowing over them.
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