Xfx ATI Radeon HD 5970 in 790i

my 280 gtx just died, and I need to get a new card, I am using a xfx 790i Sli ultra mb, and i was thinking of getting a xfx ATI Radeon™ HD 5970, my question is will there be any problems since that single card uses crossfire. I need something soon since the old 9800Gx2 I'm using now is on it's last leg too. I've got to stop buying refurbished stuff lol
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  1. oh and if your wondering why i am lookking at such a powerful card for an old system, I am buying new stuff piece by piece, and since my old one died and i can use the new one now i figured I'd buy it 1st
  2. There should be no problem with that card on your system being that it is a single slot crossfire card.
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    If your crossfire is on the card (as is the 5970) then the board does not need to support crossfire for it to work, as it is bridged within the card.
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  5. thank you very much, that is what i thought, but I didn't want to buy it without being sure.
  6. Enjoy your new hardware, thats quite the beast :D
  7. well unfortunately i can't find a 5970 anywhere that I trust to buy from, everyone is sold out, or the price is jack up over $750 lol, so i just ordered a 5870, I guess in a few months when I have everything else together I should be able to pick up a second one cheap anyways, thanks again for all your help.
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