Xfx 7970 overheating

I've had this card for about 4 months now, about 2 months ago i overclocked it with msi afterburner
1125 core 1575 mem 1118mv, it has always ran stable untill today, i started experiencing some artifacts in bf3, so i ran Furmark 1920x1080 and suddenly i see the temp going from 40c° to 80c° in about 20 seconds, then i blackscreened, after that i reset my overclock back to stock settings and ran furmark with 100% fan and it still reaches temperatures above 70c°
I'm still using the stock cooler, I've checked for dust, but found nothing

System specs:
3770k @ 4.4ghz
600W psu

any help would be apreciated
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  1. Hey,

    What brand and model of power supply do you have? 600watts for an overclocked hd7970 with an overclocked i7 may be too much for it. With stock cooling, non overclocked, 70C is normal on load, but not with 100% fan.
  2. My psu is from ocz
    but now i turned down the core and memory a little bit, the artifacts seem to be gone, and i'm able to run Furmark 1024x576 without getting incredible temperatures or artifacts, but when i run the 1920x1080 the temperature still rushes up above 80c° and then blackscreens, in game the temperatures seem to stay normal too with my custom fan profile (60-70c°)
  3. Oh boy... That sounds like a true over heat- Gpu classicly are less tolerant of overclocking and once they burn they burn out fast.

    first -no more testing remove all overclocks-set all things stock- open MSI afterburing to check your voltage make sure its below the default voltage.

    second -if your Gpu is out of warranty you may want to think about opening it up and taking off the heatsynch and check for a burned plastic smell- ask your dog he might let you know - ahahaha- if in warranty send it back and get a new one don't take it apart.

    If you have got that smell then you are done time to buy a new one.
    If no smell then you OK just no more over clocking in fact you may want to learn a little bit about underclocking for heat/safety.
  4. Furmark tests GPU far past what general gaming would do. For example, I get 64 degrees celcius in crysis, possibly the most gpu intensive game I have. I turn on furmark, and I'm getting 80. Also to note, your GPU can actually sustain 90 degree temperatures with ease, its when you hit the hundred degrees celcius mark where there might be some issues.
  5. Thanks, turned the core and momory down a little bit, stress tested it, the hottest it got was 84c° and it ran stable so i guess i'm fine, if i kill my card it be so lol, atleast i will learn something from it
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