Is it normal for core temperatures to vary?

I'm looking at my i5 750's (stock speed and voltage) temperatures under load (a game) using RealTemp right now. Core 0 is around 50, Core 1 around 38, the others are in the low to mid 40s. I also noticed in CoreTemp that Core 0 is under a lot more load than the others.

Is this temperature variation just due to the game making use of some cores more than others?
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  1. The temp variation is probably due to the game just using one core. I think each temp monitor on the cpu could be off by a slight amount(maybe core 0 is +3 to its temp while core 1 is -3 to its temp). What game is it btw? If it's multi-threaded then it should keep the cores close on temps.
  2. It's Just Cause 2. I did check the load while it was running and it was only really using Core 0, which was the hot one. I just ran prime95 and pushed the load on all cores to 100%...the temps evened out just fine.
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