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I would be glad if you answered my Question-
I played Halo 1 on my laptop which has a 256 Mb adapter Windows Xp dx9, it ran well and all, then on my Uncles CPU, which has E5200 Core 2 Duo and 9400 GT Graphics card with Resolution of 1366*768(samsung Syncmaster 16 inch) Windows XP Dx9.
The difference was clearly visible not only the colour output good but the faces of soldiers were more defined.
NOW MY QUESTION IS THAT IF I GET A HD 5770 or an HD 5750 with DX 11 and Windows 7, will I see
really good character images of Halo if I played it again? Not only that of other games like Sands of time, Warrior Within ?
ALSO WHEN I played HALF LIFE EPISODE 1, the face of Alyx the girl was OK (2D) her hair however was
all pixxely. will it improve considerably with HD ?
THE REASON I ask is because on the XFX site it says that under Nvidia Graphics 200 series its written to get real 3D Quality, more realistic more lifelike, same is not written in HD cards description
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  1. umm that's a confusing question, first off the reason you see a difference in visuals with you uncles computer is because it is more gaming oriented with a 9400 GT and e5200 so realistically you would see a huge performance gain with a 5770 although it would be a bit overkill for games like halo 1 and half life. to answer the second question the game has to be designed around DX11 or have DX11 support in order to run it, so you would see a big gain in halo with a 5770 but it would not be running DX11...catching on? if i didnt answer your question just tell me.
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