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Hey guys i just wanna know what the best 200mm for my 650d is

it has to be below 21dba and push the most amount of air possible. Also must be <25mm in width

oh and if you can find one that has blue leds it'd be great

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  1. Coolermaster has a line of 200 mm fans for their HAF cases, look into those.
  2. Try Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 Blue, this fan has 110 CFM airflow, blue led (as like on name), and it's silent!
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    ^ I believe that is 30mm and the OP has asked for under 25mm. Anyways this is the only fan I found to be under 25mm:

    Most 200mm fans are 30mm so its quite hard to find those fans at under 30mm.

    Edit: Found another
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