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Hello, I know the X58's need DDR3 Triple Channel Memory but lets say i buy 3 seperate sticks and use them. Will they work or do i HAVE to buy them in a 3 stick triple channel pack? As i already own a dual channel kit, could i just buy another stick of the exact same kind and use that or will i still have to buy a triple channel pack?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It is not absolutely necessary to put a triple channel kit to run a X58 motherboard.. You are fine with a dual channel kit.. Now if you need to go for a triple channel setup then you need to make sure that the single stick has the same running frequency, latency and voltage (same brand too preferably)..
  2. ok, so just buy another stick of the EXACT same RAM as before?
  3. Yeah.. If you can get it (exact same RAM) then surely go for it.. It'll work out just fine..
  4. Thanks for the advice. This will save me some cash in the long run...
  5. Wait...If i were to have a total of 3 dual channel kits would that work?
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    Sure.. But you get the extra headache of being careful while matching the modules.. That's the reason triple channel kits are out there..
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