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So here is my story:

A friend of mine had both the BIOS LOCKED & HD LOCK FROM BIOS As well on her laptop. I was about to remove the BIOS lock, but the HD password I wasn't able to at all. Its a
WD 160 GB SATA Harddrive . Is there any way to remove this bios lock on the drive with Ultimate boot disk or Hirems? Ive been trying but no luck at all
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  1. bump anyone !?
  2. No dice. The HD "lock" is probably an encryption key. It's probably not terribly strong encryption but nothing to be broken trivially either.
  3. Do you know the password(s)?
  4. No, which is why im trying to crack or worse comes to shove delete the drive in total, but I can't because of the PW from bios .
  5. If you have not done this manually, this could happen due to a software or hardware error. You can resolve this problem in several ways;
    Log into Windows > Start > Run / Search > Type “Command” > Type “Lock sys:on”
    This will unlock your ‘C’ drive, if you want to lock this drive you can put the command as “Lock sys:off”
    If this is for another drive, follow the same procedure but replace the drive name instead of ‘sys’
    In addition you can check the BIOS settings whether this feature is available. In some BIOS, settings allow this facility
    Also, check the jumper settings to unlock and lock the hard drives. Some drives are having this facility.
    And you may free to visit and see some solutions regarding to your problem in this site>>

  6. This only works if the drive is recognized in my computer, the drive works but since its bios locked it does not show up in my computer
  7. If your friend doesn't care about her data, then a Secure Erase may recover her drive, if the master password is still at the default.

  8. Man I tried that utility when it starts erasing right away it freezes/crashes
  9. Do you get as far as the following (from readme.txt)?

    "The estimated duration of this process is: 120 minutes

    The secure erase started now at: Sat Apr 12 12:52:12 Sept 2008
    The current time is: 14:50:21"
  10. let check right now and ill get back to you
  11. can you take out the battery from BIOS. On Old computers there was a way to take out the cmos battery, but now I do know where the cmos battery is located on the motherboard. When I took out the cmos battery, the system forgoted the time...
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