Can't re-install video card - Please help!

I have an HP a1710n that my wife uses for games, with a GeForce 8600Gt, and it works fine for what she plays. Unfortunatly, two days ago the computer switched back to onboard video. Rebooted and it will not even register the card as being in the PCI-E slot. I have tried flashing the Bios, reinstalling the drivers, and even a system recover from before the problem started. Is there any other ideas anyone would suggest?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. maybe the 8600 gt reach its end of life that's what is causing no video signal from it,
    time to buy another one.
  2. before going out and getting new card maybe you can test you 8600GT with another PC first if you have one. if the same problem occur then it is time to get new card
  3. finally was able to try the card in another computer and it worked fine. Is there any way to force the motherboard to see the card? when I re-install it won't even register new hardware. anyone know if that is a bios issue or an OS issue?

  4. Some BIOS will require you to disable an Integrated Graphics Processor before a PCIe card can be used. Some might require you to enable the PCIe slot. Look in the BIOS and look.
  5. I looked in the bios and the only option it has is to start with onboard, pci, or pci-e and it is set to pci-e.
    Any idea if reinstalling windows might help? or clearing something out of the registry? I have re-installed all the drivers for the motherboard and the video card still nothing.

    I really appreciate the help!
  6. So I figured it would be good to swap out the motherboard, so i ordered on off newegg, swapped it out, and reconnected everything. The computer started up fine, I installed new drivers and installed windows 7. Then I shut down and installed the video card. After restart the same thing happened. The motherboard would not register that it was plugged into the PCI-E slot.

    The power supply is stock for the HP a1710n which is 300w. Since it was running fine for a while and now does not, I was thinking that maybe the power supply is starting to fail and not produce enough for the graphics card.

    When the video card is in the fan on the card spins, and the cpu and sys fan both spin at max rpms. But when the card is out the cpu and case fan spin much slower. Could that be an indication of anything?

    I am totally stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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