Help GA-880GM-UD2H

hi, i just want to ask when i checked the site for gigabyte it shows that my motherboard has

1. North Bridge: AMD 880G
2. South Bridge: AMD SB710

but when i check on a program called HWM blackbox it shows that.

1. North Bridge AMD 785GX
2. Southbridge ATI SB750

is there something wrong here?
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  1. does any know this?
  2. anyone?
  3. I had exactly the same confusion with my GA-880GM-USB3

    Download the latest SIW portable software from here:
    or any other from here

    This will show the NB as 880G. However SB shows as SB700 and not SB710. I think that much is still fine.
  4. but if this shows a different infos does it mean that its not really using the chipsets that should be with this boards? or could it be the programs being used?
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