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Need Game server help please

Hello everyone, I am wanting to build or buy my own game server. I have asked questions on the forum for the game. But either the forum is dead or they don't want to help. I have priced out 2 different servers, one home built and the other a dell. I have also priced out colocation. Here are the two different server.

Home Built $500

Phenom 2 x4 3.4GHZ (965)
4GB of ddr3 1333ram
500GB hard drive
500watt power supply

Dell $480

Xeon 2.4GHZ x4 non HT
4GB of ram
250GB hard drive
unsure of the power supply

What I want to do with the server is run a COD4 game server, Apache, mail, mysql and a teamspeak server all on the same server. And if possible a COD5 server as well. I would only be hosting 1 website for the gaming community, so the website would be pretty much dead 24/7.

As far as colocation goes I found 2 cheap places that have decent bandwidth. The first place is called Colostore they offer a 100Mbps connection and 3,300GB of bandwidth per month for $70. And the second place is called Waveform and has 2 packages. The first package is a 10Mbps connection unmetered for $70 per month. And the second package is a 100Mbps connection and 2,000GB transfer for $50 per month.

So I have a few questions. Which would be the better server out of the two? And how many game servers would either server hold? And which colocation package would be best for what I want to do? Thank you for your time.

P.S. I have looked into renting a server and it would be cheaper to buy or build my own. It cost $59.99 per month for a 48slot cod4 server and teamspeak and website cost extra.
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    clearly the AMD option, im just not sure if a phenom is the right CPU for a server. although I suppose for a GAMING server (most of recources will be used for that, anything can do the mail), it should be perfect.

    Do cool the CPU well, because I believe server CPU's were designed to run for long periods of time, whilst desktop CPU's are not.

    Doesn't mean they can't. just stick a nice big cooler on it.

    as for renting server, cannot judge. although it does seem more attractive to have the number crunching machine under your OWN desk.

    this really is quite a tricky choise, but I would opt for the AMD own server route.
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