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This problem has already been resolved but I want to know if this could have actually been the cause because my uncle won't leave me alone about it. So I moved in a few weeks ago and was setting up my Xbox360 and plugged it into what I thought was the Ethernet port but was actually the phone line. They both use CAT5 jacks but are different colors (how was I supposed to know I was just looking for the one that fit). We didn't get any calls the next day and found that the lines were down. The phone guy came out and reset the lines and said that there was a problem with the line going to my room. He plugged the line into the right port and the phones started working again. So could this have caused the lines to short out or something? Thanks.
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  1. Yes. It sounds like you were the cause. Sorry. =P
  2. We have a digital phone system at work. If you plug in a computer network cable in the phone jack, we use RJ45s, it will take that phone line out until the card is reset.
    You probably shorted out the phone lines kicking a breaker of some sort.
  3. I did the same thing in my own house. Took me a little while to figure out what happened to the phone.
  4. Alright thanks all. Was hoping to get him off my back but guess I am stuck with it oh well.
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