Intel X4500 graphics card, not a gamer.

Hi, I am wondering if the -integrated- Intel X4500 graphics card is good enough to handle large photoshop files (500MB+ PSD files...) and allow me to paint in photoshop without the image lagging. I have no idea whether the lag is due to a poor graphics card memory or computer memory. The computer I want to buy has 8GB of DDR3 ram, and a 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 processor I think. I dont do any 3D work or gaming and I dont intend to run a billion programs at once.. Just photoshop, the internet, and winamp or something.
If this card is not good enough, will I be able to override it with a card that is a different brand?

-Thanks, Mona
Sorry, I did notice there were many threads questioning this same card, however I didnt find any threads relating to my exact situation.
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  1. Its excellent for every single thing except gaming
  2. The GPU is good enough to handle large photoshop files and is probably better at 2D than 9800 GT.
  3. It will be great except gaming...
    Your plan is great with quad core there, u will be fine... :)
  4. Is this a laptop or desktop? Hmm... if you don't already have a 775 motherboard, consider the AMD quadcores as you get more bang for the buck, if you're on a budget.
  5. I initially thought this was an AMD processor but it turned out to be Intel in the store.. Im not doing a custom job on this or anything because its a package deal and is a great value. Its a desktop. Comes with an amazing monitor so its cheaper than if I bought all the components separately!

    Thank you for the advise everyone :)
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