DVD-rom appears as SCSI (and don't work) after creating RAID-0 array

MSI 890GXM-G65 with updated BIOS v1.7
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit with latest updates
Sony-Optiarc DVD-RW 7260S with firmware updated

I have 2 HDDs running fine in RAID-0 setup, but my SATA DVD-RW won't work properly. The DVD drive is recognized as SCSI by windows when it is obviously not SCSI, while the BIOS shows it as... RAID DVD-rom.
I need to make the DVD-rom's SATA port run in plain SATA mode instead of RAID mode. I simply need to have a working SATA DVD together with my RAID-0 array, but this brand new motherboard seems to be NOT supporting such a simple thing.

Some more details:
The HDDs are connected on SATA ports 1 and 3, while the DVD-Rom is on port 5. The motherboard specs say all 5 ports are RAID capable, but does not mention if any of them allow (and how) SATA DVD-RWs to run in plain SATA mode while the RAID controller is enabled.
The DVD-rom can read CDs, but fails with every recording, no matter which program is used. The same happens with another SATA DVD I have, so the problem is not device specific.
Is it possible that a brand new expensive motherboard cannot operate a DVD in plain SATA while having a RAID-0 array?

Or could it be a missing driver? I have done my best to install all the drivers, and the RAID-0 array is working fine on a fresh installation of win7. What else could it be?!

Thank you very much in advance
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