I5 3570k oc help

hi i live in south east asia and the outside temperature is 33c not sure how many degree indoor..
so this is my future pc spec(i havent build yet and im still planning)and im new in oc so i only know how to change the multiplier
i5 3570k
asus maximus v formula
gskills ripjawx 8gb 1600mhz ram
cooler master 212 evo push and pull
aerocool xpredator case with 2 window gpu intake fan
my question are
if i oc to 4.2ghz what is the temperature of max load with stock voltage(please mind that im living in a hot country)
my 2nd question is what ghz that will perform at peak load with stock voltage under 70c?? 70c is my boiling point so hehe

sorry for the lack of information because this is the first time i overcloak.. so many thanks to those who understand what i feel..ty
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  1. It is really hard to say exactly. Why don't you increase the multiplier in small amounts and keep testing to find out how far you can push it until it gets that hot?
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