Help! M4a785td-v evo/f3-10666cl7d-4gbeco

Hey everyone - somewhat of a novice when it comes to homebuilt pc's. Found a link on Tom's back in March for a $800 AMD system and went for it.

Mobo is Asus M4a785td-v evo
RAM is G.Skill 2x2gb f3-10666cl7d-4gbeco
CPU is AMD Phenom II X3 720 (4th core unlocked)
GPU is ATI Radeon HD 5770.

Big newbie mistake was not putting enough research into the posted build and ended up with mobo/RAM combination that really doesn't play nice together. XMP timings should be 1333 @ 7-7-7-21-2T @ 1.35 volts. However, I can't set the command rate in bios so I'm stuck on 1T and I can't lower the volts below 1.5. Has anyone used this combination of mobo and RAM successfully? If so what timings/settings ran stable for you? My system freezes/bsod's/reboots at inconsistent intervals.

I'm open to replacing either the mobo or RAM as a last resort.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    The problem is that your {F3-10666CL7D-4GBECO} is not supported for your MOBO. Also, ONLY MOBO Certified DDR will work with XMP {BSDO/Post Failure/etc} - so you first need to {Disable} XMP and then you can "try" to see if the DDR will/can work with your MOBO.

    MOBO Certified DDR {Memory Support List -tab} -
    Tested DDR {G.SKILL} -

    I strongly recommend that you RMA/return your DDR and either purchase Certified {XMP} or at least Tested DDR.

    Good Luck and I hope this solves the mystery {common mistake} - lesson learned!
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