Asus 785td v-evo and gskill .... no dual mode?

I purchased Phenom 2x6 cpu the asus 785td v-evo and g.skill 1600 gbrl ddr3 ram I also have a vaporx hd 5770 as the dedicated gpu. this is my first build.I am running xp and my bios is set to default settings.

The issue is that the ram bsod's with 2 sticks installed. Both sticks will boot and run the pc with 100% stability. When both are installed as snigles or in dual mode I get serious crahs or no boot at all.

I am not sure if there are any things I can tweak in the bios to get this ram functioning but I have emailed gskill tech support and have had no response.

Is this an issue with the ram not being right for the board. Could anyone reccomend the best ram for this baord if I can't tweak the settings i want to buy new ram and really want to avoid haveing the same issue. 4-6 Gb is what I am shooting for.
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  1. still no response from gskill. Does anyone else have a 785 v-evo with this ram thats works?
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