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I'm looking to set up an exchange server as well as VPN server on my Dell Power edge 2650 at home. I've already got a godaddy domain registered, and a static IP. I'm just confused as to what my signal chain needs to be. Heres what I'm working with. I've got my comcast modem, which feeds a Netgear wireless Router, which feeds a few bedrooms, as well as our xbox360. Should I connect to my server first, then use the 2nd NIC on the server to feed the wireless router, or how should I go about routing it? Any input / answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Connect the server to the router and then configure the router to forward each required port, e.g., 25 (SMTP), 2233 (VPN if you use that one), etc. to your server. It goes without saying that the server requires a static IP address on your LAN.
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