BIOS cannot find Hard Drive, but Windows XP install CD does.

My computer is giving me a stop boot error saying it cannot find my Hard Drive 0. I have updated my BIOS to A08 (latest) and checked cables, jumpers, etc. As far as I can tell, everything is wired exactly the way its supposed to be. I know the disk works (XP install disk performed a full format and file copy). Still, the Dell Dimension 4550 will not boot to the hard disk because of this BIOS issue. I have never seen some crap like this before. Please help!

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  1. Oh, and I already tried taking out the CMOS battery and resetting everything.... I also tried using a different Hard Drive (60GB instead of 40GB).
    The computer does not support SATA, so switching from IDE is not an option...

    Still Stuck.

  2. Anyone got any insight?
  3. Turns out, this particular system did not like that I specified master and slave hard drives with the jumper. Had to be :hello: set on cable select.
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