First Time Building - Gaming/Video Editing PC $1000ish

Hey, I've never built a computer before though when I attempted to go purchase an Alienware everyone told me to just build it instead.

I would like a system that has an i7 chip, around $1000. Don't plan on overclocking but I may one day.

I prefer a system that runs quietly. I plan on using it for gaming and video editing. Also let me know whether a 920 or 860 i7 is the better choice.

Here are some parts I was thinking of for a build. I'm just worried I may have picked items that are subpar or incompatible with each other. By all means, if there's a better alternative, let me know. I'm clueless. :D
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  1. Looks like a good build. Only thing is that I would go to Newegg, they have better prices. Also downgrade ur CPU to a i5-750, and upgrade the GPU to a 5850. Also maybe get a cheaper MOBO. Look how much cheaper the MOBO is on newegg:
  2. Is the i5-750 better or is the tradeoff to give me money for a GPU upgrade? I have no problem replacing the 5770 with the 5850 (I was actually thinking about it) and keeping the i7-860.
  3. Tradeoff is to give you money for a 5850. The i7-860 is a waste. Save about 100$ and use that money towards something else, like an aftermarket cooler for OCing, like this. You should be able to get it to like almost 4ghz.
  4. Is it really a waste? Even the i7-920? I was under the impression they allowed for much better multitasking which I would really like the ability to have when video editing.
  5. The i7-920 and i7-860 are very diffrent they have diffrent features and use a diffrent socket, and have diffrent clock speeds.
    Just stick to the i5-750, and oc it. Also, PSU chocies:

    Faster memory:
  6. If your primary use is video editing, you will probably see some benefit going with an i7 (either the 860 or the 920). If your primary use is gaming, you will likely gain value by going with the i5 (as its gaming performance is typically better than the i7 chips) and being able to spend more on a video card.
  7. Ya, the amount of gaming I'll do on it won't be nearly as intense as the video editing.
  8. Those powersupplies look like the same model. I suspect that it's just that many people here tend to use newegg as the default pricing site, rather than amazon.

    If $1k is your budget, it's going to be hard to go with an i7-920 and not cut corners on some of the other parts. Although if you live near a Microcenter, you may be able to get a 920 for ~ $200, which is about a $90 savings. Typically you end up paying $200-300 more for a 1366 build vs. a 1156 build due to pricer mobo, cpu, and tri-channel RAM.

    The RAM you've chosen for the i7-860 build is CAS 9; the general recommendation is to go with CAS 7 for slightly better performance. This G.Skill Ripjaws CAS 7 4 GB kit is the cheapest CAS 7 1600 MHz kit available on newegg at $115, and they are frequently recommended here on these forums. (Another reason to check newegg is that their search functionality is amazing.)

    Other than the RAM, I think your build looks good.
  9. Thanks! Stupid me, just found out there's a Micro Center 15 minutes away from me. Are there any sales going on or specific parts they sell that I can take advantage?
  10. From what I understand (the nearest to me is a couple hours drive), they frequently have deals on processors in order to get you in the door. I believe you can order online and pick it up in the store, so I would price out all your parts at newegg/amazon and microcenter, and buy most of your parts from one online retailer, getting any parts that cost less directly from microcenter.
  11. Thanks, and what I want is Windows 7 64-bit, correct? Not 32?
  12. Yes, go with 64-bit. You won't be able to access more than about 3ish GB of RAM if you install 32-bit.
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