Asrock P55 Extreme

Would you recommend this motherboard?
It is very cheap at newegg so im planning to get it but i get some negetive reviews about how the mobo dies in a month, etc. But others say they installed it wrong and it is working fine for them.

So idk whether i should buy it or not. I mean it is really cheap

Im planning on i5-760
2 Gtx 460 sli
4gb ddr3 1600
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700w
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    In a word - No. The Asrock MOBO are cheap and problematic in comparison to ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI. ASRock P55 Extreme $124.99

    P7P55D PRO - $139.99 is the best choice for the $ and supports your i5 760.
    Newegg -
    ASUS -

    EVGA P55 SLI - $169.99 is the best choice for OC + SLI in the P55 series, and for +$45 is well worth the cost!
    Newegg -
    EVGA -

    Good Luck!
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