Should I put thermal paste over OEM paste of i7-3770K ? New Heatskink?

I'm wondering if I should add some artic silver 5 behind my i7-3770K and my OEM heatsink.
I did not add because there was the original small layer of thermal compond from intel directly on the heatsink.
But when gaming I could notice temp going to 80degrees.
I have a good computer case tho, which is an Antec Nine Hundred two.
- 1 rear 120 x 25mm TriCool™ blue LED exhaust fan

- 1 top 200 x 30mm "Big Boy" TriCool™ blue LED exhaust fan

- 2 front 120 x 25mm special black blue LED intake fans with front speed control

- 1 side 120 x 25mm fan

- 2 middle 120mm fan
And room temp around 21 degree Celcius
Oh and a geforce 560, 1 ssd drive mushkin 256gb, 1.5tb western digital hd, 1 dvd drive and 16gb of g.skills 2133mhz are inside too

Should I add artic silver 5 thermal paste?

Should I buy a new cpu cooler ?
Thank you
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  1. Your going to need to clean off the old thermal compond first if you want to apply artic silver 5 to it.

    You might see a small decrease in temps but if you really want to see a decrease in temps get a new CPU cooler! cool master make really good CPU coolers
  2. If you really want to see some good temps get a Phanteks cooler. They are awesome and easy to install. I have one on my i7 3770K running at 4.5G and my max temps are in the low 70's C while under full load, CPU/GPU.
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    Thermal paste needs a clean surface to spread properly.
    You can't remount without cleaning out the old paste first.
    Most likely, your mount of the stock intel cooler was not good.
    Look at the back of the motherboard to see if all 4 pushpins are completely through the motherboard and locked.
    If they are not, you need to remount the cooler.
    Clean off the old paste with alcohol.
    Use lint free paper like a coffee filter.
    Place the cooler so that all 4 pins are oriented over the holes in the motherboard.

    Push down on the entire cooler so that all 4 pins are through the motherboard.
    When you push down on the top black pins, it expands the white plastic pins to fix the cooler in place.

    The trick to getting it on is to push down on a diagonal pair of pins at the same time. Then the other pair.
    If you do them one at a time, you will not get the cooler on straight.

    AS5 is fine, most others are about as good.
    Go to their web page for a pictorial tutorial on how to do it.
    The key is to not use too much. Too much will act as an insulator; only a drop in the center is really needed.

    With a "K" cpu, you will want to do at least a conservative OC.
    I suggest you invest in a $30 tower type cooler with a slow turning 120mm fan such as the cm hyper212.
    The backplate mount will be easier, and the large slow fan will keep your cpu cooler and quieter.
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  5. Thank you for you answer. This is a really complete answer, nice instructions. How about that little overclock? Can I pay a little more for having a really better cpu cooler ? I'd like to get between 4.0 and 4.5GHz without any danger or even which overclock can I do yet Without overclock (and my new thermal paste applyed)
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