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Hello, I want to buy a laptop for study software engineering in Spain. I'm confused because i dont know if there are many differences between a i5 and a i7. IM looking for an Dell (i have an HP DV6715ES right now). I need a longer battery (9 cells).
Kind regards from Canary Islands
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    i7 mobile CPUs are QuadCore so they perform better than both i5 and older C2D CPUs in multi tasking and CPU intensive apps.
    Read the link that SAAIELLO posted and it will give you more info
  2. Thanks, i'll do it. I knew that i7 are Quads but, better performance is not sinonym of lower battery? I'm looking for a Dell XPS, maybe a Sony Vaio too.Its my last high-school year, so i will be at the university next summer, so i need a very long battery. IThanks for answer!
    And sorry for my english..

    P.S. I have a laptop with an AMD TK-57. There is many diference between it and i5?
  3. OK, they (i5 and i7) are better, too much difference... XD
  4. Well getting an i7M will shorten your battery life compared to i5 because it has more cores.
    If you aren't going to do CPU intensive apps then go for i5.
    And yes,both i5/i7 are miles better than your current TK57
  5. Thanks, I think that i will get a Dell XPS/Studio with an i5 540M. I only want it for learn programming, (i think that it will be C++), wacht videos and convert audio and video files.
    (And light games like Pro Evolution soccer 2010.
  6. *watch
  7. Although for tasks like Video converting,a quad core would do better but you will be fine with the i5 540M,it will give you better battery life too
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