Low Profile Heatsync for LGA 1155


Anyone have any good suggestions on a lower profile heat-sink that would be comparable to the 212 EVO? Wanted to buy from Frys or MicroCenter or TigerDirect (they have physical locations within a close proximity to where I live) but i have no aversions to buying from Amazon or NewEgg.

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    Here are a couple that might work for you:


    I have used the first one to great success in HTPC builds. The second one would be good as long as you don't OC the system (reduced airflow with slim fan).

    Good luck!
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the options. the Geminll seems to weigh only 20g less than the 212 EVO. I was a little skeptical about putting half a kilo worth of stress on the board (was hoping the low profile would reduce the weight.) This is not for an HTPC, this is for my gaming rig, which i am using a NZXT Switch 810 ( ) so height is not an issue.

    If you think that weight will be a problem then i have two questions below. If not, then ill just go with the EVO, since its cheaper than the Greminll.

    1) Will your first option be good for non extreme OCing (3.7-3.9 on a 3570k?)

    2) How much OCing can i do with the stock heat-sink?

    Thanks again.
  3. You can OC nearly as well as with the EVO with the first option. I don't recommend OCing with a stock cooler at all. Others do, but to me it isn't worth the risk.
  4. I appreciate the help :)
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  6. You are most welcome! Have fun!
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