Will usb 3.0 work with sata 1.5gbs hard drives

I have a desktop with a new motherboard that has the new usb 3.0 inputs and I am using a sata 1.5gbs hard drive. Will I get the same transfer speeds using an older hard drive with the usb 3.0 inputs as I would if I were using a sata2 or sata3 hard drive?
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  1. My guess is that considering the current USB 3 controllers perform well below their theoretical limit (I usually get around 70-90MBps), you should not see much difference with SATA 1.5Gbps drives that can usually do sustained transfers around 100MBps.

    When Intel integrates USB 3 controllers into its chipsets they will probably get better transfer rates and then you would start to see a difference.
  2. Ihave the same question my friend...Im at the same situation with you..
  3. I want tou ask you the speed of transfer between USB 3.0 and SATA 3.
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