LAN network jamming

Dear Friends,

In my LAN i do have 1000 computers and one Gateway (LINUX PC)for accessing WAN.
When i m tring to access WAN sites, after refreshing the browser 10 times i am able to aceess tht webserver.

If i give ping to same web server after 10-20 request time out , i will get the websever.
pls help to solve dis problem. All my Network is healthy.
thank you.
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  1. How many and what type of network connections do you have to and from the gateway? Gig or 100?
  2. it would be nice to know the general topology of the network, in case there's a botleneck. Also, how much traffic are you expecting to go through the Linux box? How fast is your WAN. How much bandwidth is being used on you WAN?

    Ma'b your internal network is fine and the WAN is getting hammered.
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