Headset Advice... Stuck between two.

Hey guys, I'm stuck between two headsets. Both seem to have their issues so I really have no idea where to go here.

First of all, im interested in gaming headphones. The two best seem to be:

Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset


Logitech G35 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Headset

I would go with a 3.55mm solution but they seem to require a good sound card, and most of the reviews of the ones I've seen (1x PCI-e, Creative cards and ASUS cards) have terrible support for x64 Win7.

Both headphones have their share of issues.

The sound blaster has bad x64 Win7 drivers. This is typical of Creative. They have really gone downhill.

The Logitech seem great, but they are defective. They seem to have some kind of high pitched sound issue that the majority of users are experiencing. Logitech seems to have terrible tech support who don't want to do anything about it.

It all comes down to the two companies and the support they are pushing for their products, one has driver issues, and the other has a high pitched sound defect -- Both companies wanting to have nothing to do with their customers.

Does anyone own either and can possibly provide some input? I live in an apt, so I can't go with speakers without pissing off the other tenants.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Both are good headsets,but from the reviews i read,Sound blaster arena quality isn't very well compared to G35,also its not as comfortable either.
    About the High ptiched sound,yes there are many users having problems with it
    But some users however don't have an issue with it

    BTW,i did a search in Logitech forums and it seems they will release a new driver in June which will take care of High ptiched noise problem
  2. Well, you should see after the Razer-branded headsets, too.. There are quite good headsets. And if you keep the price tag in mind (too), the Genius HS-04U could be a good choice (too).

    I think, if you'd buy Logitech, it would be a good choice.. And if you would have problems with high pitched sound, you could resolve it with the upcoming new driver release, like Maziar wrote.

    Anyway - your life, your choice(s) - pick one of them.
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