Abit P35-E wont post or boot with 9600GT but does with FX1500

Mobo: Abit P35-E
GPU: PNY 9600GT and Quadros FX1500
CPU: C2D E6750

all have updated bios and everything is at stock bios settings. now if i pop in my FX1500 everything posts & boots up fine. now when i pop in the 9600GT it wont even post, all fans turn on even GPU fan but nothing, no post beep.PSU is 600watts more than enough to power the GPU. if i use the same CPU and GPU on my old mobo (ASrock) everything is perfectly fine also, so nothing is wrong with the hardware. what could be the problem with the P35-E? ive been building PCs for awhile so i kno what im doing but this is my first problem and im stumped. also note the FX1500 doesnt have a power connector while the 9600GT does, im not content on using the FX1500 as i like to play PC games. thanks in advance for any suggestions
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  1. Do you have a power supply tester to hook up to your power supply to make sure all the voltages are stable? Or, another psu to test with?

    The only other thing that comes to mind would be, did you remove the video card drivers between swaps? Although both are Nvidia, I'm certain you would need to install a new driver installation to configure correctly with the different type cards.

    These two things come to mind first and the driver problem would be the easiest to check first.

    If that doesn't work then I will try to suggest something else...
  2. yup removed drivers beforehand. both required diff drivers. i dont have extra PSU on hand, and lookin for my digital multimeter, but unsure of how to check the PSU with that, gonna do a lil googling first. same PSU and 9600GT works on one mobo but not the other
  3. Sorry I couldn't post back last night as I think my ISP must've been working on my service and I my internet was down. They almost had me changing my router thinking it went bad as it occasionally likes to bleep out on me.

    Anyway, I see that board has an additional molex plug on the mobo above the pci-ex slot. Do you have a molex cable plugged there? I had a gigabyte mobo that had that but it wasn't necessary to use it unless you were using SLI. That's not a dual card board so I'm sure you need that plugged with power if you don't already.

    I see you tested that psu with installing another motherboard? If thats the case, the psu should be fine...
  4. yea i tried with that extra molex and without, same thing happens. still going to try and find another PSU probably borrow from someone and see what happens
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