Laptop Satellite L35-52151 Video Card Update= screen shakes

Can anyone please tell me where or how I can update the video driver for my laptop? I have gone to Toshiba site but when I put the model number it will not display in the drop down menu. t is model PSL33u-026018 . The top half of my Toshiba Satellite laptop (Windows XP) is shaking , not all the time, but when it does it goes from side to side really quick and maybe uo and down really quick. If anyone can help me I will appreciate it. Thank you so much.
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  1. That sounds like a hardware failure, and so a video driver update is unlikely to resolve the issue. However, it looks like that particular model has some kind of ATI GPU, so try the legacy drivers from AMD (who bought ATI a few years back) and if those don't do it, then try the regular catalyst drivers. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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