Busted/bulging capacitors

I just cleaned my PC and noticed that my 8500GT has a capacitor that is busted (top is already open).

My question is will the video card damage any other component when it totally breaks down? I'm still using the video card as I type this.
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  1. Hell it still words under heavy load?

    Persoanlly I wouldn't use it, as im not sure if it could damage your motherboard
  2. It may, but having a PSU with Over Power Protection should minimize the risk. I have helped many friends and family members with fixing computers, and of all the blown Videocards, not a single one took any other components with it, including one 8500GT that had melted caps, just like yours. But, as I remember, they all had decent quality, if low power, PSUs.
  3. I still haven't tested it under full load. It idles at 56C. I also forgot to add that sometimes I have artifacts upon logging on. After a few seconds windows restarts my display drivers though this happens rarely.
  4. Your card is blown. Artifacts in 2d load is NOT a good sign in the slightest. I am willing to bet that it will not be able to do any 3D functions at all without crashing or devastating artifacts. If you open up the Nvidia control suite (can't remember it's actual name) there will be the green nvidia symbol in a small window that is 3d rendered. When I worked on the computer with the blown 8500GT, it would artifact on that little symbol horribley, and would even crash if left open for more than a minute or two.
  5. I just opened nvidia control panel and no artifacts can be found on the nvidia symbol. I can try running GTA SA but I think it won't be stressing my GPU enough. Any suggestions on what I can use to stress my vid card thats free?
  6. Furmark will beat it up, rape it and leave it crying in a corner.

    Watch those temps! Furmark is harsh (And free)
  7. Thank you all for the quick replies. Will try furmark tomorrow as it is already midnight.

    Again thanks for all the help.
  8. Well, your card might not be as far along as the one I replaced in my brother's computer, but 2d artifacting, even if intermittent, is a huge red flag.
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