Want to begin overclocking my i7-3770K on Asus P8Z77-v LK

Hi all.
I would like to overclock my 3770k. I just want to know some steps doing it, want to go between 4.0 and 4.4 without damaging/reducing life badly of my system. Well in fact, I want to keep it a interesting but not a big overclock. I've got a not too bad computer case Antec nine hundred two.
I guess I will need to buy a new cpu cooler ?
I'd have 40-100$ CAN to invest in this.
Why do I want to overclock? Well for the of having even quicker computer and to load league of legends's game faster. About quickness it's already not that bad having a mushkin deluxe SSD drive 256go and 16GB ddr3@2133mhz with gtx 560.

After.. Could I have some quick instructions on how to do It safely ?
Oh, and sorry for my english. Thank you a lot !
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  1. Any advices? The cooler, the how.
  2. well, here is a variety of coolers to choose from for overclocking
    it all depends what you really wanna head for and how much you want to spend on the cooler.
  3. Okay I've got the NOCTUA. Now How can I overclock this to 4.5
  4. first of all, not all chips will go to 4.5 they all have different tolerances, but you will need to download a program called cpuz and one called hw monitor and one called prime 95



    i can not give to much information on exactly how to overclock on the 3770k because i dont know if its any different than the 2500ks overclocking. alltho this video should help you out


    remember go slow because any damage done to the cpu is more than likely going to be permanent if you mess up.
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