building a new system. Need some input on the GIGABYTE GA-790FXTA-UD5. 5 eggs on newegg.
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  1. It's a good board. What exactly were you looking for?

    We could probably help a lot more if you followed the guidelines from the link in my signature.
  2. There you have it. Look also for consumer-based awards, like the ones on the i7 920.
  3. I have stuck with AMD based chipset for every build, my present board is outdated and its time for a new setup. I followed your guidelines MadAdmiral and heres what i got:

    I plan to place the order for the parts in two weeks. Since I have already upgraded some parts less than a year ago, my budget is higher for the more expensive items. The only items i require to complete my build are the motherboard, PSU, Case, RAM, Processor. I have the HD, Graphics (radeon HD 4850), DVD-ROM, DVD-RW. I plan to use this PC for gaming and general use. All parts have been located on Newegg.

    -Case (
    -Mobo (
    -Ram (
    -PSU (
    -CPU (
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    Couple of changes to that.

    First, for $10 more, you can get G.Skill Ripjaws that are 1600 mhz with CAS Latency 7. These will be faster.

    Second, for $10 more (counting the rebate), you could get the HAF 922, which is one of the best cases available.

    Other than these minor things, it look pretty good.
  5. The problem with the ripjaws is they dont register as 1600 in an AMD bios and need to be custom adjusted since they were designed for the Intel core i series processors. I like the look of the case you suggested. Do they have a similar model as a full tower? I am currently using a mid tower and my HD 4850 is to big to be contained in a mid tower.
  6. The Haf 922 is HUGE for a mid tower. I have a 5870 in mine and there is still a ton of room. Next step up would be the 932.
  7. OSU covered it exactly.

    As for the 1600 mhz RAM, it will once you start overclocking. In addition, the i5 starts at 1333 mhz as well. Besides, the 1333 mhz version are typically the same price.
  8. Ill probably go with the ripjaws, and stay with the same case. If i feel the current case is to much ill probably exchange for the 922 or something comparative in size. Thanks for all the help Mad, manic and OSU.
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