SATA DVD-rom together with RAID array on MSI 890GXM-G65? Possible?

Has anybody been able to set up a SATA DVD (not IDE mode/cable) with the RAID controller active (any raid mode) on an MSI 890GXM-G65?
It seems that when the controller is active, all 5 internal SATA ports work in RAID mode, and although that shouldn't be a problem for a SATA DVD-rom, in my case it is as 2 different DVD-rom devices i have are recognized as SCSI and for some reason they can only read and not record.

Could it be a faulty or wrong driver instread of a hardware thing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. ^ What ports are the (2) DVDs & (2) HDD connected? SCSI is correct for RAID. Also, what type of RAID are you running?

    Also, did you F6 {pre-install} the ATI SB7xx/SB8xx RAID driver?
  2. Noticed your {Duplicate Post} See -

    MSI 890GXM-G65 with updated BIOS v1.7
    Windows 7 ultimate 64bit with latest updates
    Sony-Optiarc DVD-RW 7260S with firmware updated

    I have 2 HDDs running fine in RAID-0 setup, but my SATA DVD-RW won't work properly. The DVD drive is recognized as SCSI by windows when it is obviously not SCSI, while the BIOS shows it as... RAID DVD-rom.
    I need to make the DVD-rom's SATA port run in plain SATA mode instead of RAID mode. I simply need to have a working SATA DVD together with my RAID-0 array, but this brand new motherboard seems to be NOT supporting such a simple thing.

    Some more details:
    The HDDs are connected on SATA ports 1 and 3, while the DVD-Rom is on port 5. The motherboard specs say all 5 ports are RAID capable, but does not mention if any of them allow (and how) SATA DVD-RWs to run in plain SATA mode while the RAID controller is enabled.
    The DVD-rom can read CDs, but fails with every recording, no matter which program is used. The same happens with another SATA DVD I have, so the problem is not device specific.
    Is it possible that a brand new expensive motherboard cannot operate a DVD in plain SATA while having a RAID-0 array?

    Or could it be a missing driver? I have done my best to install all the drivers, and the RAID-0 array is working fine on a fresh installation of win7. What else could it be?!
  3. Possible explanation -

    "Your computer’s S-ATA connection must support the ATAPI command set. Some computer motherboards have S-ATA RAID chipsets and/or a BIOS that do not support the ATAPI command set used by optical disc drives. If you are unsure, consult your motherboard manual or vendor web site for compatibility, BIOS versions and BIOS settings."

    Q - If you disconnect + reboot (1 of 2) of the DVD will it function correctly?
  4. Thank you very much, that actually answered my question.
    My motherboard's RAID controller doesn't support the atapi command set.
    Well, I am going to replace the SATA drive for an IDE one and connect it on the Jmicron IDE controller then to bypass the RAID ;)
  5. Hello:

    I have a MSI 785G-E53 motherboard with 5 internal SATA ports. I have a Samsung SH-S223C SATA DVD burner plugged into the SATA port 1 and I have 2 Western Digital SATA drives plugged in the 2 and 3 SATA ports configured as a RAID0 stripe which has my operating system on it which I refer to as my operating drive. All data is stored else where.

    The 2 hard drives that make up the RAID0 stripe drive are referenced and configured in the RAID console which can be accessed by Ctrl-F from a menu when booting and this is the only place these drives are referenced or configured for RAID proposes and RAID mode must be enable for me to access the console.

    In IDE mode all drives are listed under the standard or general CMOS features menu both IDE and SATA devices will be listed here including any drives that are configured as RAID prior to the switch to IDE mode. Ctrl-F goes away. Regular single drives are all that can be used.

    Here's where my problem comes in:

    When the MSI motherboard is in RAID mode it moves the Samsung SH-S223C SATA DVD burner out of the device list on the standard CMOS features menu and references it on the RAID Ctrl-F menu but it is not among the items or choices in the RAID console itself. Consequently when I go to backup my drive up to DVD using Norton Ghost Boot Wizard it is not able to see the DVD burner from the drop down menu in Ghost Explorer which is a backup application that runs from it’s own disk operating system without Windows running. I obtained the latest version and used its add drivers feature to add the RAID drivers that came with the motherboard but that didn't work. The DVD burner can be seen by Norton Ghost Boot Wizard in IDE mode and in RAID mode if the DVD burner is plugged into the motherboard’s IDE controller using a SATA to IDE converter. The is no problem with the DVD burner in a Windows environment.
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