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Hey, so my question is... Is the XFX Radeon HD4670 any good? I'm thinking of playing LotRO, and want to know if this card is any good for it. Will it be able to run on high settings? I'm not rly any good on computers, got a Dell OptiPlex GX620. Not sure if the crad will work in it. Systems specs:

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3 GHz
305 watt power-supply

Thanks, Drizzler.
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  1. Minimum Power Requirement for XFX Radeon HD4670 is 400watt..
    most games run in high settings..
  2. The HD4670 should be fine on a 305w Dell PSU. The one question is the case. If it is one of the small form factor cases Dell likes to use then you will need a low profile video card and I don't recall seeing any low profile HD4670s. So if it is a slim case I would recommend scaling back to an HD4650 like this one;
    or a GT 430;
    Your CPU is weak by today's standards btw but it does match the LOTRO recommendations so I guess it will be ok if that game is mainly what you are interested in. It is going to struggle on a lot of other current games most likely.
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