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My desktop has XP Pro (Service Pack 3) installed. My problem is this. My wireless network connection does not work all the time. It goes "in and out" very often. I have a 1394 USB adapter (plugged into my computer) that communicates to my wireless router. I can see on the bottom right of the menu bar, that the wireless icon is working. When I "right click" on it, it indicates that the strength is excellent. I can also go into "my networks," and see that the USB 1394 adapter is connected as well.

I used to have my internet connection through my LAN port (before I connected a wireless modem, and USB wireless Adapter). I can see on the bottom right hand of my menu bar, my LAN connection with an "X" on top of it. When I go to my "Network Connection" in Windows, it indicates that my "Network Cable is unplugged," but the "wireless connection" is connected, and the 1394 is connected as well.

Could this be the reason why my wireless LAN is not working consistently? Please advise.
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  1. No, it is normal for your Ethernet port to show disconnected when there is no cable plugged in.
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