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I am looking into buying a HTPC. Are there any places where I can buy an average HTPC or computer that I can just add a few parts too. Id rather not have to build one from scatch. Thanks alot
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  1. Considering this area of the forum is for people who want to build PCs themselves, I wouldn't ask around here...

    I will point out that right now it's very expensive to buy true HTPCs prebuilt. I say "true HTPCs" because some places will have very cheap ones that are essentially tiny DVRs, and not good for the PC part.

    Why don't you want to build one? It's simple, only takes a couple of hours, and allows you to ensure you get exactly what you want. You also save a bunch of money. The PC I'm using right now is mostly an HTPC (with potential to do other things), and it cost me about $900. If I had bought it prebuilt, it would have easily cost me $1,600. I also learned a lot more about how it all works...
  2. Agree with MadAdmiral. If you really don't want to build yourself, consider a PS3, Popcorn Hour, or Western Digital WD TV HD setups. They will not be as customizable as an HTPC, but will play media files ok.
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